Friday, January 22

"What for..."

Augusta Ducks, originally uploaded by Gene Bowker.
I shot this photo along the Augusta Riverwalk in Spring of 2009 of the two ducks swimming in the Savannah River.

When I saw it at first, I didn't like the fact that the first duck's head wasn't turned right, but then I looked at the second one as sort of saw some humor in it.

I imagine the 2nd duck as the "wife" duck giving the "husband" duck a "what for" about something. As husbands can do so well sometimes, the 1st duck seems to be ignoring her.

Of course, this might not really be what is happening, but heck it is my photo, so I get to make up the caption.

What do you see? That is the nice thing about a photograph, each of us can look at the same image and see a lot of different things. What is the "right" thing? To me, it is whatever we (you or me) see in it.