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@Twaintoday Special Edition: Gene's Top 5 Twain Books

Classic American Literature: The Works of Mark Twain, 24 books in a single file, improved 8/3/2010
Most of you know that I'm a fan of Mark Twain.

I write a column on the about Mark Twain and I also love to tweet my favorite Twain quotes @Twaintoday on Twitter.

I'm asked what some of my favorite works by Mark Twain are so I've compiled a list of my TOP 10 Twain Books available at this moment in time.

I just received a preview copy of the book to start reading. It is the "Bible" of Mark Twain at 750+ pages and chock full of great Mark Twain references for fans and lots of unknown quotes.

It will be nice that they are offering the book in a kindle version too, it will be much easier to carry when you are not at home

This is the Kindle Version which contains over 300 works and is easy to navigate. The search functions are nice making it easy to look up a reference when I'm travelling. There is enough Twain on here to keep you occupied for days :)

Mark Twain: Life on the Mississippi (Library of America Paperback Classics)

Life on the Mississippi is a great book about Twain's career as a River Pilot on the Mississippi river during the golden age of steam.

Twain's ability to psycho-analyze (before the term was invented) the variety of characters he meets is wonderful. I'm not sure how much of the book written years later was fact or fiction, but it is a great travel/history book.

Fourth: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is often regarded as only a sequel to Tom Sawyer since it continues on with some of the main characters from the first book.

Huck Finn was one of Twain's favorite books and was one of the first books to try and tell a story in the speech of the participants without being mocking. The narrator's semi-literate speech and the deep treatment of the question of slavery in the Pre-civil war South give this book a place on any bookshelf.

Huck Finn has the notoriety of being banned from numerous libraries (starting with Concord, Mass) as being vulgar. However in the century since it's publication it has found it's way back into most of them.

Mark Twain: Man in White: The Grand Adventure of His Final Years

Many Twain fans seem to believe that Mark Twain always wore his famous white suit that he is most famous in. However, as the Man in White shares with us, it was a late-life invention of Twain's.

The book details the last few years of his life and how Twain prepared to go from living legend to immortality.

The story of his autobiography is told along with the authorized biography by Paine.

You see his interaction with his remaining daughters Clara and Jean after the death of his wife Livy.  

As well as how he dealt with his admiring fans and few true friends such as William Dean Howell's (Author of My Mark Twain)

There are plenty of more great Twain books out there that I didn't have time to touch on in this article. Be sure to catch part 2 for 5 more favorites soon.

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