Thursday, March 4

"Need You Now" - Album Review - Lady Antebellum

Need You Now
I'm always scared when I listen to a second album from a new group that I like, afraid that I'm going to be disappointed some how. That they are going to be a one-hit (or at least one-album) wonder.

With Lady Antebellum, I'd already fell in love with Need You Now the title track from their new album which released on Tuesday. Cindy picked it up and after listening to it for the first time, I can defintely say in my opinion that it is as good as the first one if not better.

They have the ability to cover a variety of songs from ballads to more upbeat tunes. I love the harmonization that they have. I'm not the world's biggest country fan, but they also have appeal to crossover audiences. It's nice to have a new "favorite group" to listen to.