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Tybee Island Light Station

There has been a light on Tybee Island to guide ships safely into the Savannah River since Colonial Times. The current light was constructed after the Civil War, the lower 60 feet of the tower being what remained of the 3rd light which was damaged by the Confederates to prevent its use by the Union Navy.

The lighthouse is now maintained by the City of Tybee Island and The Tybee Island Historical Society. The US Coast Guard still maintains the light as an aid to navigation.

According to the PBS: Legendary Lighthouses website:

Tybee Island Lighthouse-Vintage Travel Poster-by GrisantyTybee is one of the most intact historic light stations, it includes the lighthouse, head keeper’s house, original summer kitchen, two assistant keeper houses, fuel storage building and garage. The head keeper’s quarters is now the visitor center, one cottage serves as a video theater. Visitors can climb the tower’s 178 steps.
Fort Screven is another historical treasure on Tybee Island located next to the light station. The Fort was built during the Spanish American war in 1878 to protect the entrance to the Savannah River and remained an active US Army post until the end of World War II when it was sold to the town of Tybee.

Tybee Island Light, GA BookmarkWith the light station, nearby beach, and other attractions; lighthouse fans, history buffs, and romantics of all sorts will enjoy a visit to the Tybee Island Light Station near Savannah, Georgia.

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