Monday, February 22

Tired: Slow Food. Wired: Slow Photography! (Article)

Interesting idea about slowing down photography.. goes along with my idea this year of trying to focus more on the details in life.

The article at photojojo begins:

We’ve seen slow versions of everything lately: slow food, slow travel, slow shopping, slow dentistry. (We might’ve made one of those up.)

But have you tried slow photography? It’s like a yoga class for your camera.

Long conversations with subjects, patient exposures, and delicate macros will lend your photos a new calmness and longevity — so vital in these rush-rush go-go slam-crash rock-and-roll times.

Join the Slow Photo movement, and soon you’ll be measuring exposures not in fractions of a second, but in fractions of an eon.
It definately sounds like something I want to investigate further.