Friday, June 25

Why Black and White?

I get questions about why I enjoy Black and White photography from time to time, so here are my reasons why...

  1. I really enjoy the work of Ansel Adams and O. Winston Link. Most photographers have heard of Ansel Adams and seen his work, but many non-railfans might of never heard of O. Winston Link. He is most famous for his night photography on the Norfolk and Western Railway in the late 1950's which is some of the most classic images in the railfan world.
  2. It's something that everyone else is not doing. Most people are shooting color images and video. I'm looking for Black and White images, and usually taking some color as "snapshots" or because the subject doesn't do well in Black and White.
  3. I'm partially color-blind aka color-deficent. Yes, I can see in color, but a lot of the time what things look like to me is a lot different than what it will look like to you. This is really noticable in things like Browns and Greens, along with some reds. Thus that tree doesn't really look the same to me as it does to you.