Wednesday, September 8

Night Autoracks - Time Lapse

Night Autoracks 1, originally uploaded by Gene Bowker.

This is my first attempt at time lapse night photography.

I was amazed at the light gathering capabilities of the Canon EOS 7D when I took the shots I shared here.

The camera was on a tripod on the Balcony of the Elkhorn Inn and the tracks are about 150-200 feet away when this was taken.. the light on the trees in the foreground came from a passing auto.

This exposure was about 15 seconds with the ISO setting on H. Surprisingly there was little noise in the photo at the size I was shooting. This shot did have a lot of extra light provided by the cars driving through the shot on US52.

I loved the signal lights in the distance and the blurring of the passing autoracks (they are all the same height)