Tuesday, March 15

Famous March Days...

Yesterday was PI day or 3.14 and is one of the few "values" that I do remember from my time in math class.


Today is the Ides of March. The term "ides" refers to an event in a lunar calendar; the "ides" marked a full moon and noted the 15th of the month in March, May, July, and October, and the 13th in the other eight months. But when the lunar calendar became different than the monthly calendar, and the full moon was no longer always on the 13th or the 15th, the phrase went out of use.

"Beware of the Ides of March"  is the most famous usage of the phrase referring to the death of Julius Caesar. It is also the name of a Novel by Thorton Wilder.

The Ides of March: A Novel
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