Tuesday, July 5

Win a free trip to the Grand Canyon from Amtrak Vacations

If you have never been to the Grand Canyon National Park you really do not know what you are missing.

Yes, there are a thousand shows on TV touting its beauty and you have probably seen a million photographs on the internet showing the canyon from every angle but that still doesn't do the same thing as visiting.

I visited the canyon with my Mom in 1988. I missed getting to ride the Grand Canyon Railway by a year, but had the benefit of missing some of the commercialization which has impacted the South Rim since then.

The Grand Canyon and the Grand Canyon Railway have been high on my list to revisit for years so I'm hoping you WILL NOT enter this contest from Amtrak Vacations so I can win! (Just kidding...)

Amtrak Vacations is giving away a great trip to the Grand Canyon via Amtrak's Southwest Chief from Chicago. It also includes a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway and a Jeep Trip in Sedona. Sounds like a dream trip to me.

Click here to read how to enter the drawing for your chance to win!

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