Thursday, October 13

Google+ 101: How it is making me a better photographer

Google+ has recently seen a large influx of members since it was opened to the public, at just about the same time as the most recent Facebook changes/upheaval.
I had a Google+ page for several months in beta, but had never really spent any time there to learn how it worked or how to leverage it.

Two recent Google+ changes make that a lot easier now.

  1. Circle Sharing: You can quickly add to your networks people who have similar interests to you.
  2. #Hashtags: Google+ (as of yesterday) now supports Twitter style hashtags which allow you to quickly search for similar items within the real-time stream.
I've been using Google+ to find Black & White photographers and also other users who use Canon equipment. I've also been sharing these finds as circles with my networks to help us discover each other.

A quick tour of Google+ will show you the variety and the quality of the work there from some famous and some not so famous (at least yet) photographers.

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