Tuesday, September 6

Boeing pushing fuel economy with 737 MAX family

Boeing recently announced a new 737 MAX family of aircraft which will build on the tradition of the 737 series which is the most popular airliner in their portfolio.

Delta's 737 fleet will be upgraded to 737-MAX family

According to reports..
The 737 MAX will deliver big fuel savings that airlines will need to successfully compete in the future. Airlines will benefit from a 7 percent advantage in operating costs over future competing airplanes as a result of optimized CFM International LEAP-1B engines, more efficient structural design and lower maintenance requirements

The commitment to reducing fuel usage is key to the continued success of the airline industry. Fuel costs are one of the most unpredictable factors for airlines, as well as most transportation forms. Higher fuel costs mean either less profits, or higher prices being passed onto consumers in the form of "fuel surcharges"