Thursday, September 1

Bye Bye Borders and hello Kindle?

If you didn't know, Borders Bookstores are closing. Well, most Borders books stores are closing, a few of them are being bought out by the Books-a-million chain which is good news I guess for patrons there.

The local Borders in Augusta is having a "Going out of Business" sale which has almost everything marked down 50-70% (at least this week) and surprising has a pretty good selection of stock still on the shelves. The Rosetta Stone software marked down 50% is tempting as well as the travel section of course. Borders never had much of a Railroad section to begin with...

From buying 90% of my books in physical stores a couple of years ago, I've gone full circle and now purchase at least 80% of my books on-line either from Amazon or at auctions on eBay.  A lot of those books from Amazon are for my kindle, which I really find myself reading on more each day it seems.

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The electronic reader has been pegged as one of the reasons that brick and mortar stores such as Borders are failing. Many consumers are happy to save a few bucks (and maybe a few trees) and have their books to go electronically.

I still enjoy visiting bookstores, even chain stores such as Barnes & Noble, but even more used bookstores like the Book Tavern in Augusta or Ed's Editions here in Columbia. I still love to find an old book looking for a new home which I probably would of never bought on-line.

And I still enjoy reading physical books. Some books are just not the same on a kindle or PC or iPad. In particular books which include a lot of images (such as many railroad books) just are "better" in my opinion in print. Plus lots of older books are not available for e-readers (at least yet)

So for now, I find myself halfway into the digital bookcase and with way too may "analog" books according to my wife at least :)

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